Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Bad Mommy

Ok, so here it is,
I am a bad Mommy.

It is now the 31st of March and the only pictures I have taken ALL month are the ones I took of the purse I made to post here.

I know, you are all shaking your heads. I am too.

I had better pull up these big girl pants and do much better in April!! At least the weather will be nicer and the trees should start getting some green buds, if not whole leaves.

I think March is just so dreary and grey that I have no gumption to take pictures. I just want to crawl into bed and read all day long.

One thing that has me VERY happy though is the weekend forcast. By Saturday we are supposed to be up to 22 C with only cloudy periods. AND we just might get out first outdoor egg hunt this year. Sunday is a little cooler at 14 C but it is still calling for SUN with cloudy periods.
I just hope that bunny remembers to put the chocolate INSIDE or the critters are going be running sround on sugar highs. I picture the squirrel from Over the hedge after having caffine,

Kevin and I are hoping to take the boys to see How to train your Dragon over the Easter weekend. We have been waiting for this one for quite a while. The first time the boys saw the trailer was when we took them to see A Christmas Carol. They are excited to see it but wewill leave it as a surpise!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sewing again!

With all the hard work my sewing Machine did before Christmas, it decided to go on strike. I guess 12 pairs of flannel PJ's in a month was just too tiring. After a couple weeks away at Gertie's Sewing Machine Repair Service getting oiled and pampered was all it needed. I now have it back we are hanging out at the dining room table together,lol.
I just finished making my own purse. Thisis the firt timeI have attempted anythinglike this and I am happy with how it turned out. I used Ashley's instuctions for her Portable DVD player tote at Make it and Love I just made it a litte larger to suit my needs.

One of the reasonsI liked this tote was the sections inside.I have been reading alot, and I mean a LOT lately and my book goes everywhere wtih me. Having the divider inside is perfect because I have one side for my book(keeps it from getting marked or bent) and the other side for everything else.
I added a little loop inside with a small hiking clip to attach my key to. This will save me having to dig at the bottom of the bag to try and find them.

I liked the pocket on the back that Ashley used for the cables so I added it to my bag. I use this pocket for my phone I-touch. My earphones will fit in there as well but it is a little snug.

It has a top cover like a message bag so that things are not openfor al to see. I am still contemplating added a button or fastener of some sort to it.

I made a nice wide strap in hopes that it will stay onmy shoulder better. I generaly hate carrying a purse because the straps never stay onmy shoulders and I end up carrying inmy hand which is a royal pain.
All in all I am happy with my first attempt and I am checking out ideas for a second one.
I have to say thank you to Ashley(even though she will never see this) for her Make it and Love it blog!! She has amazing ideas on it and simple, easy to follow instruction with LOTs of pictures.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a week,PHEW!!

We have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off, lol.

Monday the boys had eye doctors appointment. Both did well, no worries.
Tuesday I had a family lunch with my Mom,My Aunts and another cousin. Very fun, and lunch was delicious. After lunch Mom and I took my Aunt Nellie to Fabricland so she could checkout the closing sales. I came home with some fabric to make myself a new bag/purse.
Wednesday I finally had a chance to clean up a bit and Owen had tutoring after school.
Thursday Kevin and I went into town while the boys were in school to do groceries. He also got his hair cut and I got some fabric. then home to get the boys because had dentist appointments. Gavin did great, no cavities. Owen on the other hand....
Friday, Owen BACK to the dentist to get 3 cavities filled. All were apparently very small, one in a molar that is take FOREVER to pop up. Dr Sun said that wasn't completely Owen's fault. the food was getting trapped under his gums which is what caused that cavity. While fixing that tooth he cut Owen's Gums so that his tooth can come up a little easier and stop the problem with food getting trapped. The other 2 cavities are in baby teeth but we took care of them anyways. I think they were getting sick of seeing us because Kevin had been in there inthe morning to get his root cannel finishsed off.

Which brings us to today Saturday, a day of relaxing and doing whatever comes along that sounds good. Started of reading in bed. I then finished off some sewing I was doing for a friend. And now I am sitting drinking my nice warm tea and catching up here. At some point we will be heading over to my parents for a visit. The boys are going to read to Gammie and Kevin is going to have a game of Wii golf with Dad. Just winging today.

I am hoping to start a new sewing project and possibly finish off my latest book, The Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz. Will have to see which wins out.