Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nothing too exciting

Well, as you can see from the length of time between my posts I have not had a whole lot going on lately. I haven’t even been scrapbooking. I KNOW! I just heard you gasp!!

On Sunday we took the boys to a Birthday party. It was a lot of fun. It was at the Peterborough Health and Wellness center. That place is awesome. We had an hour to play in a gym. There were different types of balls for the kids to play with, hula hoops and floor hockey stuff. Then we had an hour in the pool (my favorite part) then an hour in a private room to have cake, pizza and open gifts. I think I may be checking into that place for Gavin’s birthday next year.

On this Thursday coming we are heading back to North York for Gavin’s Post Op appointment. He had healed really well and I am looking forward to going to IKEA afterwards. I have my list all ready to go, lol. We are meeting up with Chris and Becky and going to lunch too. Not too sure where we are going to go but somewhere nicer then fast food that is for sure.

I think the funniest thing to happen so far this week is my Mom making the boys as ABBA cd and they LOVE it. As soon as Owen got home from school he asked me to turn it up. How could I say no? So needless to say we have it cranked lol. I think I am doing well at getting them to appreciate all types of music along with my Mom’s help. I just hope I can keep it going as they get older.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Rest of March Break

It has been a very quiet March break around here. We did go shopping the past couple days. Thursday we got some groceries and walked around the mall. I even got to so to Scrapbook Emporium in Oshawa. I got a new set of stamps, a couple bottles of stickles and a couple lines of patterned paper, Basic Grey Ambrosia and Bo Bunny Grease monkey & Winter Whispers. The Bo Bunny papers are for the calendars I make as Christmas gifts each year.

On Saturday we went to town to get a few groceries for dinner that night and to buy the movie Twilight. The boys were both really whiny so when I mentioned going to Michael's Kevin said to take him and the boys home first and I could go by myself!!! WOW, Talk about a mini vacation for me, lol. I did a little more damage there too. I bought some MORE stickles, and some paper & embellishments from the cheap isle. I do have to say that all the papers I bought this weekend (except the Basic Grey) had a purpose when I bought them. I have even started a layout using the color bok line.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Starbellied Sneetch

Well, we are home with our Star Bellies Sneetch.

Today was Gavin’s surgery and his is doing well. We left the house at 6am and got to the hospital at 8am. It took a bit to get into his surgery but he went in racing the nurse and Dr Grace. She is amazing and helped Gavin feel very comfortable, lots of stickers for bribery, lol. Dr Grace said he did very well throughout the surgery. She kept the fun going but cutting Gavin a Star Shaped bandage and putting, guess this, a sticker on it, haha.

When I got to go into the recovery room he was almost his happy self, just a little tired. The nurse gave him half a popsicle and he ate it pretty quickly. She then gave him a second one but he didn’t get half way through and before he was sick. That was the start of it. We had a long trip back to Pickering where we stopped to get him some gravol. Once that was into him along with a few cheerios that he was DETERMIND to eat, he seemed a bit better. Not 20 minutes after he was snoring away in the back seat, lol. He slept the rest of the way home, Kevin brought him in and put him on the couch and he is STILL sleeping now. He looks so cute when he is sleeping.

Ok, it is now time to go check on dinner.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Title says it ALL

I used a few different Digital kits for this LO. The 2 papers are 2peas watercolor, the acrylic letters are 2peas Hallow'Out, the journaling spot is 2peas MonthlyBits, the yellow flower border is Rhonna Farrer's from a 2peas kit and the Yummy Yummy journaling circle is from Sande Krieger for the March PSE7 class. Guilty is from Krystal Hartley at Scrap Orchard and the stickpin is in the Vintage Floral kit from Shabby Princess.

Still Blogging

Well it has been a few days since I have posted on here, so I thought I would get caught up.

Saturday we had a surprise birthday party to go to for Jason. We all met for dinner and had a great visit. He was actually surprised which was really nice for Connie. Those surprise parties are never easy to pull off and she did an awesome job. The food was amazing. I’m still tasting the garlic from the Cesar salad, lol We all met up at the Thirsty Monk. We had not been there since it had moved to a new location and it was really nice. Much brighter then the old location.

Thursday was the boys last day of school before March break and Owen had a special day. For the past few months they have had the author Ted Staunton coming to the school to teach them all about writing and publishing books. While doing this the students have written AND published (at school) their own books. Owen has been so excited about this and was happy that we could make it to the celebration they had to thank Ted Staunton for coming. All of the classes had their books on tables to show to the parents. They read a few of the books to us, sang some songs and they all did such an amazing job. Ted Staunton even stayed afterwards to sign the kids books and of course he had some of his books there to buy and sign as well. He has been such an incredible role model to bring in and really got he students active in their creative thinking. The books had covers, copyright pages, dedication pages, the story obviously, and an “about the author” page. They even illustrated their books. Owen is so proud of his accomplishment and enjoyed reading his book to his Dad.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

Well, this is the calm before the storm, the last day of school before March break. I am talking a few minutes to sit, watch a movie and relax. As of 4pm tonight the mayhem begins, haha. Today I have to head into the school for a presentation by the Owen’s class and a couple others. They have written books with the help of the Author, Ted Staunton. I am excited to see what the students have created. Owen has been talking about this for so long and was very happy to hear that I was going today along with his Gammie.
After the show at the school, I get to come home and have a couple peaceful hours.
Next week is already looking busy but I will save that for another post……

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some Habits Don't Need To Be Broken

Some habits don’t need to be broken. Having my camera with me at all times, is a habit that I have slipped away from that I need to get back. So often in the past few months I have said those dreaded words “I wish I had my camera.” There is no excuse for this. I have a great camera bag that is easy to pick up when heading out the door. It isn’t even that heavy as long as I don’t put the laptop in it.

With spring finally on its way I am going to do my best to keep that camera at hand. Soon there will be wildlife venturing out again and frolicking about. I caught site of a Porcupine catching some zzz’s on Friday and this is juts the beginning. Soon we will see plants starting to bud then bloom, rabbits searching for fresh leaves to nibble on and possibly the deer and turkey crossing the road up from the house again.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

I figured out how to add the header to the blog. I spent the evening creating it in PSE7 then had to try a few times to get it the right size. BUT I did it!! As you can see, sometimes it's the small things that excite me.

My Corner

Today the boys have a snow day, yet again. Though it truly is more of an "ice day". We had freezing rain all night with a light layer of snow cover this morning.

So, today, after getting laundry and a few other chores done I am heading to My corner. A couple weeks ago we finally rearranged our living room so all my scrap stuff is together and I am loving it. Everything is right at hand and there is finally a light for me to use.

To the right of my area is the boys area with their little table, their bookshelf and all their craft stuff. They are actually sitting there and scrapbooking as I type this. Now, if I can get them to clean up when they are done, then I will be a very happy person.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tyme for everything

Time for everything you wanted to do in a day, wouldn't that be nice.

I am not exactly computer savvy and I know I have a few friends out there laughing at me right now, BUT I am going to try this. It may take me a while to figure everything out, like adding a blog header. But I will figure it out.

Michelle, you had better be prepared to hear from me because this is your fault, lol. This all start with me trying to figure out the google reader you thought I should try out.

I think for my first post I will post a layout I did yesterday. these Tiki torches may not get used anymore but, we did use them quite a bit the first year we moved into this house. I loved sitting outside in the glow from flames. It was always so calming. We still sit outsie on the deck alot in the summer, we just don't have the torches anymore.