Saturday, November 28, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

It isn't even December yet but boy have we been busy.
I have finished off my sewing projects for my Nieces nephews and boys. I was going to take a picture of them all together onced finished but that didn't happen. Kevin had wrapped about 75% of the gifts. We only have a few items left to buy then we are finished our shopping. I have almost completed the advent Calendar, I just have to paint and attatch the numbers to the drawers then I can take a picture or two to share here. I got all 24 books wrapped and ready to start reading on Dec 1st. We even started reading When Santa fell to Earth by Cornelia Funke. It is a chapter book so obviously NOT wrapped to read in one night,lol

Some of these are on my TO DO-TO MAKE lists so that has releived a bit of the stress.

Yesterday we went to the movies and watched A Christmas Carol in 3D. It was the boys first 3D movie and they were so cute. Owen wasn't sure what to think at first, I was a little scared it was going to make him sick but once he got used to it he was fine and enjoyed thte movie. Gavin was was cute because he was trying to catch the snowflakes, lol. I will definately be buying this movie when it comes out on DVD.

This morning we are playing it low key, Kevin worked the night shift last night, but this afternoon we are heading out for the Santa Clause Parade in a near by town. It will be our first night parade and we are all looking forward to it. It is a whoe day of fun with face painting, dog cart and pony rides, gingerbread decorating, free photos, a petting zoo, free hot chocolate and movies at the highschool. I think it should be a great day. It is cool out but not cold. we still have not had snow. I am not complaining, but I know once it does give us our nice white covered ground the whole Christmas Spirit will grow.

Now, I am off to see if I can trim a few evergreens to make a decoration for the driveway pillers and get the garland up on the lamp post.

To all my American friends, I hoe you have a fantastic Thanksgiving and maybe found a few good deals on your Black Friday shopping sprees.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holidays In Hand Prompts Display

Well, I did it. I was able to finish my display for my daily prompt that Jessica Sprague has given us for December. Nothing too special, not sure if I am going to the prompts in my album or not. My plan is to do the LOs in digital format but after finishing the display I am thinking of possible doing them hybrid. We will see what happens as time goes on.
Now to start reading the actual prompts and seeing if I can't get some of the journaling done to make putting the LOs together a little quicker, especially closer to Christmas Day.

Only Colds

Well, after a week with the boys home from school sick we took the drive to the emerg. I don't like going there but wasn't sure we would be able to get into the Drs office tomorrow and I really didn't want the boys missing more school if they didn't have too. After a look in their throats and ears, their temperatures being taken the results are.........just a cold. Well, Owen has an ear infection too but it is NOT H1N1!!
So tomorrow they are heading back to school with notes repeating what t he Dr has said and hopefully they will be able to stay. If the are able to stay then I can CLEAN MY HOUSE!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 2 Assignment

Our next assignment was to print out some daily promts, which I have done. And to make a couple lists. What we want to do and what we want to make over the holiday season. I have filled my lists out, mostly. It is obviously in no specific order and might change as the month goes on.
Christmas TO DO
1 Wrap 25 Christmas books to read every night at bedtime. When the books are all unwrapped it is Christmas!!
2 Have friends over for Dinner
3 Camp out one night under the Christmas tree

4 Go for an evening stroll in the falling snow.
5 go skating
6 Get a Christmas tree
7 Deliver cookies/fudge to neighbors
8 Mail Christmas cards
9 Decorate the tree
10 Read a Christmas story
11 Watch a Christmas movie, have popcorn and hot chocolate
12 Decorate the inside of the house
13 Finish decorating the outside of the house
14 Try a new recipe
15 Clear out corner to put tree in
16 Have friends over for a winter bonfire
17 take a trip to Lang Pioneer Village
18 wrap Christmas gifts
19 go tubing at the ski hill
20 have a night if watching Christmas specials
21 family Christmas with Kevin’s side
22 watch Jack Prins carry the Olympic torch through Lindsay
23 Have birthday party for Gavin
24 Go see
“A Christmas Carol” as a family
25 take boys to Christmas work party
29 Take tree down
30 mail thank you cards
31 put decorations in shed.

1 Make birdseed ornaments to hang outside
2 Go sledding
3 String cranberries and popcorn to hang on the tree.
4 Adopt a new tradition (wrapped)
5 Drive to Bowmanville to see the lights
6 Make cookies and fudge
7 Layouts to finish calendars
8 Make wreaths for the front door and 2 pillars
9 Make photo ornaments
10 Sew fabric gift bags
11 work on Christmas organizer
12 Make digital card to e-mail friends and family
13 write letters to Santa
14 Build a snow fort
15 Create my Holidays In Hand album
16 Make birdseed ornaments to hang outside
17 Build an ice rink (weather permitting)
18 Make thank-you cards
19 Make Rice Krsipie “gingerbread” House
20 finish sewing Christmas PJs
21 Make arrangements for beside the fireplace
22 Make Gavin a birthday cake
23 Make snowangels
24 Make stocking envelopes for Gift Cards
25 Make Jelly been trees for the boys school party treats

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Assignment 1 Values and goals

Here are the Values I am going to focus on and the goals I have to keep with them this Holiday season.

Giving: Every year we donate to at least 2 families through the boy's school. Each class sponsors 1 or 2 family from within the community that are struggling. I think this year there will be a few more families then in the past that could use some help. We donate toys, personal and food items.
We also give each of the boys money to buy a new toy to add to the town toy drive. I feel it is very important to teach my boys that we are very lucky to have what we do and that there are families out there who are struggling to make ends meet and that we can help anonymously so that the parents can focus on food and the health of their families and get a little help with the material things.

Family: Getting together with family is always important but Christmas is usually the only time that we can get the whole family together in one place. I must say that I am VERY proud of Kevin's parents. They separated a few years ago but have maintained a friendship. And every year we still ALL get together to celebrate Christmas as a family. We are also lucky because we celebrate with Kevin's family early. they understand there their children are grown with families of their own and in laws to celebrate with too.
Me being an only child and only living a 5 minute walk from my parents, am very lucky and get to spend a lot of time with them. We get to spend Christmas day with my family. In the morning they come and watch the boys open their gifts then we go to their place for dinner.

Tradition: I feel it is important to keep the traditions we have set and to add another one or two to the mix. I will have a seperate post about our traditions soon.

Wonder: I want to keep the curiosity and wonder going for as long as I can for the boys. SO this will mean a trip to see Santa and many stories being read.

Getting Back On Track

Boy, I have been neglecting my blog the past few months. Not good. Hopefully that will change now.
I am taking an online class with Jessica Sprague called Holidays In Hand. Today is day 4 and I am really enjoying it so far. We have journal prompts and I will be doing my journaling here so I can refer back to it when I get a chance to do my pages. Hopefully this will also get me back in the habit of of posting here almost daily.
I should be able to get the first couple assignments posted today. We are a house full of sickies right now and we have dedicated today a Harry Potter Day. The first Movie is just ending and while watching I am going to do my journaling.
If I am lucky, I will also find the energy to get my prompts display done today and I can post a picture of that as well.