Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making Mom Proud!!

That is what my boys have been doing today. It started with Owen getting a character award at school today for Fairness.

Owen was then retested at school for his reading level. In the past month he has gone from a level 4 or 5 to a level 12!! He has been working so hard with Mrs C. I can't thank her enough. Both the boys just adore her.

Then while at tutoring today, Mrs C and I took turns reading with both boys. We do this once in a while so I can see what she is doing and so that Owen will read to me. He won't at home. Gavin is about a level 11 which is where he is supposed to be, so we are not worried about him being behind like Owen, though Owen won't be behind much longer if he keeps working THIS hard.

So as you can see I have many reasons to be a Proud Momma today.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Pride

Well, it has now been a whole week since we watched the opening performance of the Olympic Games. The only time our TV has not been been on the CTV Olympic watch is when there was no one home. Even the boys have been watching it, though sometimes not of their choice. They have shown a great amount of pride in our wonderful country and out amazing Canadian athletes. Cheering and yelling at the TV to encourage our athletes as been done more then a few times,lol. It is a good thing we live in the country and not in an apartment in town.
One of the of the events we have watched regularly over the past few days is the speed skating. The boys are just amazed with this sport. This is what I saw this afternoon in my dining room. I took Gavin outside to get a couple pictures while we still had some sunshine.

Needed so ice to take the top picture but it was getting to late, maybe tomorrow.
If there is one thing I have noticed in these pictures, it's that Gavin is no longer my baby boy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day On The Road

I was out on tour today with my friend Tamara. We took a drive up to Minden and around to Peterborugh then home in time to pick the boys up at the bus stop. We take these trips every once in a while with the intention of taking pictures. The first time we had a photo tour we took many many pictures. Ever since then we get talking and don't remember to watch for photo ops. today wasn't much different. However, we did stop at a Cemetery that had a lot of beauty to it. this is my favorite picture from today. We plan on going back in the spring to take some more photos when the ground isn't covered in snow and ice.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here is a LO I finished yesterday for a challenge that I posted on Scrap central. The february theme is to use up your stash (to make room for all the fun CHA stuff that is about to ne released) My challenge is to use Paint, buttons and ribbon. I was going to add a digital element to the list but not everyone digi/hybrid scraps and that isn't going to make roomfor anythingnew so I left it off the list.

This picture was taken on December16th when the Olympic torch was carried through Lindsay. Our school went to support one of the torch carriers, Jack Prinns (not in this picture).Jack has huge ties to our school,not only did he attend the school, but BOTH his parents are teacher there. I think I am safe in saying that we all felt our heart swell with pride to watch him carry the torch up onto the stage and light the caldron.

After the ceremonies on stage took place the relay runners were walking around getting pictures taken with fans. This is us, (unfortunately I do not know this wonderful mans namebut I am trying to find it) of course Gavin being his shy self wouldn't look at the camera for the picture. Thank you Heide for taking it.

It is now a couple months later and the boys are still talking about this day. Hopefully if we keep them talking, they will remember this feeling for the rest of thier lives. This wonderful, over powering, all incompassing feeling of PRIDE. TRUE CANADIAN PRIDE!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun In The Winter Sun

On Saturday we met up with friends and went sledding. It was the first time the boys had been on a bigger hill all winter. We only had one mishap, Owen got a bloody nose. He bounced right off of his tube and did a nose dive into the snow,lol.
After Owen's bloody nose he got right back into the fun of the hill, though he did stay away from the little bit of a jump at the bottom, lesson learned.

Gavin had a blast. He laughed and giggle all afternoon.

One of the things that impressed me most on Saturday was the way they took turns pushing each other down the hill. We will definately beingdoing this again.