Saturday, November 28, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

It isn't even December yet but boy have we been busy.
I have finished off my sewing projects for my Nieces nephews and boys. I was going to take a picture of them all together onced finished but that didn't happen. Kevin had wrapped about 75% of the gifts. We only have a few items left to buy then we are finished our shopping. I have almost completed the advent Calendar, I just have to paint and attatch the numbers to the drawers then I can take a picture or two to share here. I got all 24 books wrapped and ready to start reading on Dec 1st. We even started reading When Santa fell to Earth by Cornelia Funke. It is a chapter book so obviously NOT wrapped to read in one night,lol

Some of these are on my TO DO-TO MAKE lists so that has releived a bit of the stress.

Yesterday we went to the movies and watched A Christmas Carol in 3D. It was the boys first 3D movie and they were so cute. Owen wasn't sure what to think at first, I was a little scared it was going to make him sick but once he got used to it he was fine and enjoyed thte movie. Gavin was was cute because he was trying to catch the snowflakes, lol. I will definately be buying this movie when it comes out on DVD.

This morning we are playing it low key, Kevin worked the night shift last night, but this afternoon we are heading out for the Santa Clause Parade in a near by town. It will be our first night parade and we are all looking forward to it. It is a whoe day of fun with face painting, dog cart and pony rides, gingerbread decorating, free photos, a petting zoo, free hot chocolate and movies at the highschool. I think it should be a great day. It is cool out but not cold. we still have not had snow. I am not complaining, but I know once it does give us our nice white covered ground the whole Christmas Spirit will grow.

Now, I am off to see if I can trim a few evergreens to make a decoration for the driveway pillers and get the garland up on the lamp post.

To all my American friends, I hoe you have a fantastic Thanksgiving and maybe found a few good deals on your Black Friday shopping sprees.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holidays In Hand Prompts Display

Well, I did it. I was able to finish my display for my daily prompt that Jessica Sprague has given us for December. Nothing too special, not sure if I am going to the prompts in my album or not. My plan is to do the LOs in digital format but after finishing the display I am thinking of possible doing them hybrid. We will see what happens as time goes on.
Now to start reading the actual prompts and seeing if I can't get some of the journaling done to make putting the LOs together a little quicker, especially closer to Christmas Day.

Only Colds

Well, after a week with the boys home from school sick we took the drive to the emerg. I don't like going there but wasn't sure we would be able to get into the Drs office tomorrow and I really didn't want the boys missing more school if they didn't have too. After a look in their throats and ears, their temperatures being taken the results are.........just a cold. Well, Owen has an ear infection too but it is NOT H1N1!!
So tomorrow they are heading back to school with notes repeating what t he Dr has said and hopefully they will be able to stay. If the are able to stay then I can CLEAN MY HOUSE!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 2 Assignment

Our next assignment was to print out some daily promts, which I have done. And to make a couple lists. What we want to do and what we want to make over the holiday season. I have filled my lists out, mostly. It is obviously in no specific order and might change as the month goes on.
Christmas TO DO
1 Wrap 25 Christmas books to read every night at bedtime. When the books are all unwrapped it is Christmas!!
2 Have friends over for Dinner
3 Camp out one night under the Christmas tree

4 Go for an evening stroll in the falling snow.
5 go skating
6 Get a Christmas tree
7 Deliver cookies/fudge to neighbors
8 Mail Christmas cards
9 Decorate the tree
10 Read a Christmas story
11 Watch a Christmas movie, have popcorn and hot chocolate
12 Decorate the inside of the house
13 Finish decorating the outside of the house
14 Try a new recipe
15 Clear out corner to put tree in
16 Have friends over for a winter bonfire
17 take a trip to Lang Pioneer Village
18 wrap Christmas gifts
19 go tubing at the ski hill
20 have a night if watching Christmas specials
21 family Christmas with Kevin’s side
22 watch Jack Prins carry the Olympic torch through Lindsay
23 Have birthday party for Gavin
24 Go see
“A Christmas Carol” as a family
25 take boys to Christmas work party
29 Take tree down
30 mail thank you cards
31 put decorations in shed.

1 Make birdseed ornaments to hang outside
2 Go sledding
3 String cranberries and popcorn to hang on the tree.
4 Adopt a new tradition (wrapped)
5 Drive to Bowmanville to see the lights
6 Make cookies and fudge
7 Layouts to finish calendars
8 Make wreaths for the front door and 2 pillars
9 Make photo ornaments
10 Sew fabric gift bags
11 work on Christmas organizer
12 Make digital card to e-mail friends and family
13 write letters to Santa
14 Build a snow fort
15 Create my Holidays In Hand album
16 Make birdseed ornaments to hang outside
17 Build an ice rink (weather permitting)
18 Make thank-you cards
19 Make Rice Krsipie “gingerbread” House
20 finish sewing Christmas PJs
21 Make arrangements for beside the fireplace
22 Make Gavin a birthday cake
23 Make snowangels
24 Make stocking envelopes for Gift Cards
25 Make Jelly been trees for the boys school party treats

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Assignment 1 Values and goals

Here are the Values I am going to focus on and the goals I have to keep with them this Holiday season.

Giving: Every year we donate to at least 2 families through the boy's school. Each class sponsors 1 or 2 family from within the community that are struggling. I think this year there will be a few more families then in the past that could use some help. We donate toys, personal and food items.
We also give each of the boys money to buy a new toy to add to the town toy drive. I feel it is very important to teach my boys that we are very lucky to have what we do and that there are families out there who are struggling to make ends meet and that we can help anonymously so that the parents can focus on food and the health of their families and get a little help with the material things.

Family: Getting together with family is always important but Christmas is usually the only time that we can get the whole family together in one place. I must say that I am VERY proud of Kevin's parents. They separated a few years ago but have maintained a friendship. And every year we still ALL get together to celebrate Christmas as a family. We are also lucky because we celebrate with Kevin's family early. they understand there their children are grown with families of their own and in laws to celebrate with too.
Me being an only child and only living a 5 minute walk from my parents, am very lucky and get to spend a lot of time with them. We get to spend Christmas day with my family. In the morning they come and watch the boys open their gifts then we go to their place for dinner.

Tradition: I feel it is important to keep the traditions we have set and to add another one or two to the mix. I will have a seperate post about our traditions soon.

Wonder: I want to keep the curiosity and wonder going for as long as I can for the boys. SO this will mean a trip to see Santa and many stories being read.

Getting Back On Track

Boy, I have been neglecting my blog the past few months. Not good. Hopefully that will change now.
I am taking an online class with Jessica Sprague called Holidays In Hand. Today is day 4 and I am really enjoying it so far. We have journal prompts and I will be doing my journaling here so I can refer back to it when I get a chance to do my pages. Hopefully this will also get me back in the habit of of posting here almost daily.
I should be able to get the first couple assignments posted today. We are a house full of sickies right now and we have dedicated today a Harry Potter Day. The first Movie is just ending and while watching I am going to do my journaling.
If I am lucky, I will also find the energy to get my prompts display done today and I can post a picture of that as well.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This weekend there was a card crop going on at ScrapCentral. Here are four card that I made trying to use up some scraps I have from a few layouts I made using BO BUNNY paper.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Camera Bugs

I do believe I have a couple camera bugs on my hands. this weekend both Owen and Gavin had a chance to take a few picture with my rebel. Well here they are, UNEDITED. Not bad for not really understanding how the camera works!
Gavin took this one of his Dad and brother.

Owen took this one of the sunset off the cottage dock Sunday evening.

I think I had better start saving for a couple new cameras, lol. though the newest will ALWAYS BE MINE!!!

family visit

We have been very lucky to have family visiting the past couple weeks that we have net seen in almost 7 years. My Aunt Uncle and Nanny have rented a cottage just up the raod from us and on the weekend my other Uncle and his family came for the weekend. Those were the visitors we knew about. I was more then excited when my Mom called to say that Cousin and his friend had shown up to surprise everyone. I screamed, I cried and I jumped for joy.

Needless to say the boys had a few very late nights as we were all up visiting.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Hopefully it won't be another 7 years before we all can get together again.
My Cousin John
John's Friend Noel
Uncle Kerry and his family
Nanny and her children

I am missing pictures of my cousin Tammy and her husband Mark. They cam on sunday for a visit too.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Still Here

Wow, I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted. I have been pretty busy with the boys on summer break. The past couple days I have finally been able to get back to my hobbies a bit. I have been playing with my PSE program and some actions I have downloaded from a great site called CoffeeShop. I still have loads to learn but I need to print out some instuctions for some of the actions. Here are a few I did.
Color Select
Color pop

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Scraproom

Finally after years of scrapping I have my own room to set up and organize. It has a wall of shelves with a spot to put my desk. There isn't much for lighting so I have to make do with a couple small lights for now but will eventually find a permanent fixture for in here. My new room is even big enough to have my sewing machine out and still have a desk to put my laptop on. I have not done much in the way of creating in here yet but things are ALMOST done with the unpacking and reorganizing and I am getting the itch to take a day off and scrap. Here are a few pictures, sorry they aren't great but I am still learning how to take pictures in the new ALL WOOD house. This room also has a lot of doors leading into it so that is making it tricky too.

I plan on replacing the photo boxes soso they match and I want to find a better way to store my patterned paper. I am getting a magazine table to put the printer on from Canadian Tire.

I have a narrow shelf to put above the back of the desk to raise these colorful bottles onto. I just need to get Kevin to put the shelves up. One will have to be cut and I thinking of painting them. That will get these off my work space but still have them easy to reach.

I moved my IKEA curtain wire from the old house and now have it directly above my desk. Keeping things in site and more likely to be used too.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Christmas in June

Wow, it has been a long time since I have updated this blog. We are finally all moved in. I gave a little teaser about a gift my parents gave us after moving in here and now I can post a couple pictures of an amazing gift that I can't figure out exactly WHO it was meant for. Kevin to actually cut the grass or Gavin who is a COMPLETE John Deere fan.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting There

Slowly but surely we are getting all moved in. I have so much to say and pictures to post but it is going to have to wait. If I sit and get started on that I will end up sitting here for 3-4 hours and that is time I need for unpacking.

I will post our "Christmas in June" picture soon.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Green Monster

It seems we picked up a green monster while shopping the other day. I was told he wouldn't stick around long so I made sure to get a picture of him while he was still here. Though he may look vicious, he was actually quite tame and lovable. I hope he comes back to visit again some day.

Wow, busy, busy, busy here

It has been quite a while since my last check in. Things have been crazy around here with packing, family reunions, birthdays and family outings. Owen had his 7th birthday and he was spoiled rotten. We took him to the drive-in to see Night at the Museum 2 and Wolverine, Mom took us to see the movie UP, he got a new "HUMMER" bike from his parents(aren't we good!!) and his brother gave him a Sonic game for the WII.

It took a bit to get him riding his bike this year. Kevin and I couldn't even get him to do more then sit on his new bike. Luckily he has a very charming and persuasive Papa who got him moving while Kevin and I made dinner.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

These Hands

These hands are kind and caring, soft yet strong, loving and patient. These hands have worked a farm, spun wool straight off of sheep and llama. These hands have cared for silk worms for their silk. These hands have grown cotton plants and harvested the cotton.

The wonderful women who has these hands, is excited to be growing cotton plants again. This woman has learned all over how to knit and create with yarns from different animals. This woman is my Nanny, my Father’s Mother. This woman is someone who I respect, adore, love and cherish. Her strength and determination is very inspiring. To watch her fight back after a stroke to being able to do all the things she loves again, my heart bursts with pride. Not only has she started to knit again but she is learning to crochet.

I wish I could spend more time with Nanny. I would love to hear the stories of what it was like to live through the war and then immigrate to Canada from England by boat. I would love to hear what my dad was like growing up. Was he smart-alecky or a serious child? What were his favorite pass times? Any question just to be able to listen to her talk in her reassuring voice.

These hands belong to one of the most important women in my life!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Emergency Shopping trip tomorrow

Can you see them, those long cracks in the side of the (yes dirty) tank? And that is our Kissing fish which is actually pink. We have had this tank for 4 years now and some how today these cracks developed. I can't blame the boys as they were playing outside all day. I can't take the blame I was packing up the bedroom today, and Kevin, well he was at work all day. I guess it is just old age.

We have been wanting to get a new tank for a while now, a bigger one. I guess this is going to happen sooner then later. I was hoping to get a new tank to put in the new house to surprise the boys but now we won't be waiting that long, lol.

I am hoping that along with the bigger tank we will get at least one brightly colored new fish to put in it. I would love to get an angel fish we'll have to see what Gavin picks out. Then of course we'll have to let Owen pick one out next Saturday. It's only fair.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Layout from Girls night.

Here is one of the layouts I did on our Girls night away on Mother's Day Weekend.

This was such a great weekend and I look forward to it every year.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow, what a fabulous Mother’s Day

It was actually a whole weekend for me. Becky and I left early Friday morning for a child free night of scrap booking. We Met up with our friend Michelle and had a fantastic night of scrapping and chatting. I finished 2 layouts and got 3 more sorted out to finish. I will post pictures of the finished layouts soon.
Now keep in mind this picture was taken EARLY Morning after a night so scrapping, lol. We are just a little tired, lol.

On the way home on Saturday We did a little more shopping on the way home, chocolate, cheese and of course some more scrap booking supplies. When we got back to Peterborough w went to COSTCO and bought food for dinner and went home to eat with the rest of the family.

Sunday Kevin, the boys and I went to Belleville to visit with Sharon for Mother’s day. We took her to Tim Horton’s for lunch. I know that sounds pretty lame but it is a 2 hour drive each way and Kevin’s brother Jason and his family were taking Sharon out for Dinner, so a light lunch is what we thought was best. AND seeing as that Timmy’s IS her favorite place AND Melissa was working it seemed like the perfect place to take her. After eating we went to the Mall for a bit then took her home once we found out that Jason and Connie and arrived in Belleville. It was time for her to spend some time with another son and his family. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see Jason, Connie or Elijah because they were gone when we got back to the house, running an errand.

The best part about Sunday was MY mother’s day gifts from the boys……….

From Owen......

And from Gavin.........

The best gifts are always the ones my boys make for me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We're Moving

Finally a decision has been made and we are moving. June 15th we get our new house. It is close to where we are now and closer to my family. Now the fun begins, or so they say.

Owen was excited about for about an hour then things went down hill FAST!! We then had about a half hour of nothing but crying. I think this next couple months are going to be a little emotional for him.

Gavin on the other hand is all for it. We could move tomorrow and he would be fine.

The new house is a little bigger then where we are now. It is still just 2 bedrooms but they are both larger. It has a small kitchen and a separate dining room. Brand new fridge, stove washer and dryer. I will have a small scrap space. And it has a HUGE yard. There is even a cute little shed that the boys will get as a playhouse. There are other kids the boy’s ages there to play with and we are walking distance to the lake. If we had a boat we would have a dock and the neighbors are great.

So it seems I will be busy packing, then Unpacking in the next few months so if you don’t hear from me for a while, you know I buried under the boxes somewhere, lol.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

NSD accomplishment

This past Saturday was Nation Scrapbooking Day. A day of fun challenges and even more chatter between scrappers then usual. I only completed one LO this yes. Sad, I know. But I am happy with that because that is the first LO I have done in over a month.
A couple of the sites I was participating on have their challenges going all week so I still have a chance to take part in the other challenges. Now find some time to scrap.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy NSD !!!!!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day to all my scrappy Friends out there. I am hoping to get a chance to create today. Even if I get just one LO done I will be very happy. I have a few sites that I am keeping track of challenges on. I know I won't be able to do EVERY challenge, not even close, but I am writing down all the cool ideas. I have a crop next weekend that I am going to and I may just continue to finish some of then. If you would like a challenge or two check out these sites, it might just get your creativity flowing. I am watching what is going on at: The Paper Passion an amazing Canadian site based out of Ottawa that my Friend Michelle hooked me up with. Scrap Central another site that Michelle had introduced me to with really fun ladies to chat with. And of course 2 peas where not only my Calendar girl friends have some challenges going on but so do the amazingly talented Garden Girls.

One of the challenges is to do a LO about yourself as a baby. Check back to see that, yes, at one time I was actually shorter then I am now, lol.

Happy scrappin' everyone!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I had a freind send me a link to a new(to me) scrapbooking site and it is a Canadian site!!! The ladies at Paper Passions are very warm and welcoming and I am slowly learning my way around the site. They are having a National Scrapbooking Day(NSD) weekend crop this weekend. I haven't had any creativity lately so hopefully I can find some before the weekend and take part in a few different challenges that are going on this weekend.

I am really hoping that the boys will occupy themselves for part of the day so I can play at my desk for an hour or two or

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Neighbor

It seems my parents have a new neighbor, lol. During the night the neighbors dog trapped a raccoon up a tree. The dog is tied up and the raccoon can’t get down. So of course, I HAD to take my camera over to get a picture.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!!

Today we are all wearing our Earth Day colors, Green and brown and Gavin had some blue so that our water was not left out.

We have done a lot to celebrate today. Owen went to school with a garbage free lunch. While he was at school he spent a part of the day with his classmates cleaning up the school yard. The whole school has taken part in this throughout the week with the higher grades cleaning up parts of the community.

While Owen was a school, Gavin Kevin and I walked over to Mom and Dad’s for tea. On our walk over I pulled the wagon and Gavin and Kevin picked up garbage out of the ditches. Or at least the parts of the ditches that are not still full of water. We filled our wagon and got a little wet along the way. Though we were lucky and it didn't start to REALLY rain until we were at my parents drinking our warm tea and coffee.

After eating dinner tonight the boys each planted sunflower seeds. We bought these kits at Michael’s a few weeks ago. I know it is usually trees that are planted today but with renting trees are not something I feel comfortable planting in the yard.

Line everything up and get ready to begin.

Empty soil bag into pail and add some water to moisten the earth.

Dig hole in center and and bury 10 sunflower seeds.

Be proud of yourself for a job well done. Be happy that you just planted your first ever plant.
We had a fantastic Earth Day!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A slow day

Today was a slow day around here. I spent the majority of the day in bed with a pretty bad headache. I don't get headaches often but boy this one was a doosy. Luckily the boys played well with each other. They played on the wii, watched a couple movies and played with their toys. After some Advil, a nice hot shower and a few hours rest (couldn't sleep, Kevin was at work) I was feeling well enough to get up and get a couple things done around the house.

Yesterday we spent the day at Mom and Dad's for Dad's birthday. Kevin BBQed stuffed pork roast and we had cauliflower, green beans, broccoli salad, pecan pie and Moose Tracks ice cream. We had a great day.

Sorry but again, no pictures to post.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Is It With MEN!!!

I just don't get it. Why do men have such a hard time listening to us women? Kevin called to see what we had for Money in the account and I told him nothing. He need money for gas and I had some in my wallet, so I told him I would bring it in to him. He says "no" then comes home TO GET my money just to drive back to town to get gas!!! Well obviously, if he had that much gas, it could have waiting until tomorrow morning. What a fool he can be sometimes. But, he is mine, ALL mine, and I will NOT share him. LOL

Monday, April 13, 2009

Still Learning

With Michelle's help I am trying to figure out how to add a link in my posts. So to start I thought I would try and link the site we both visit on a regular basis, SrcrapCentral. I have had a layout in the slide show the past 2 months and I am so honored by that. I am so excited to be apart of this site.

Yay, Thank you Michelle, you seem to be able to explain things to me and trust me that isn't always easy when it comes to computers. Stop agreeing me Tamara!! LOL


After the boys having 3 days off, Mom just stopped by to see if one of the boys wanted to go to town with her and she let with BOTH!! Ahhhh, peace and quiet.

It has been a busy day of doing laundry and other chores around the house. The only reason I am STILL doing laundry is that Owen has had an allergic reaction to the last bottle of laundry soap that we bought so I have had to rewash all his clothes. Poor guy can't stop itching and the allergy medicines we have for Gavin are not working for Owen. Kevin tried to pick up some Benedryl on his way home Saturday but the drug stores we closed when he got off and he needed to get home.

If Owen's skin hasn't cleared up bu Tuesday then I will make an appointment with the Dr to see if she thinks we should explore this further. He has only had an allergic reaction 2 now and both times have been to floral scents in Laundry products so from now on it is scentless only in this house.

Well, I am off to enjoy my hour of quiet.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Really Need To Chat With That Bunny!!

Wow, I DEFINITELY need to have a little talk with the Easter Bunny. The boys were SPOILED!! MP3 players, books, baseball gloves, Bakugans and cards, movies and of course lets not forget the chocolate!!
We had a nice relaxing day. Owen woke up at 6:30 and we convinced him to crawl in with us to wait for Gavin to wake up. At 7, Gavin walked out of his room and we all got up to see what the Easter Bunny had hidden for them to find.
After everything had been discovered and we had our breakfast and gotten dresses we traveled the whole 5 minutes to my parent’s house for Apple pie and tea/coffee and the boys got even more Easter goodies from them. Some chocolate rocks, a book each and new wallets each.

We were home in time for Kevin to eat lunch and get ready to head to work for 3. Since he left the boys and I have had a relaxing afternoon. They listened to their music and played with their new toys. I listened to music and did some more laundry.