Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sewing again!

With all the hard work my sewing Machine did before Christmas, it decided to go on strike. I guess 12 pairs of flannel PJ's in a month was just too tiring. After a couple weeks away at Gertie's Sewing Machine Repair Service getting oiled and pampered was all it needed. I now have it back we are hanging out at the dining room table together,lol.
I just finished making my own purse. Thisis the firt timeI have attempted anythinglike this and I am happy with how it turned out. I used Ashley's instuctions for her Portable DVD player tote at Make it and Love I just made it a litte larger to suit my needs.

One of the reasonsI liked this tote was the sections inside.I have been reading alot, and I mean a LOT lately and my book goes everywhere wtih me. Having the divider inside is perfect because I have one side for my book(keeps it from getting marked or bent) and the other side for everything else.
I added a little loop inside with a small hiking clip to attach my key to. This will save me having to dig at the bottom of the bag to try and find them.

I liked the pocket on the back that Ashley used for the cables so I added it to my bag. I use this pocket for my phone I-touch. My earphones will fit in there as well but it is a little snug.

It has a top cover like a message bag so that things are not openfor al to see. I am still contemplating added a button or fastener of some sort to it.

I made a nice wide strap in hopes that it will stay onmy shoulder better. I generaly hate carrying a purse because the straps never stay onmy shoulders and I end up carrying inmy hand which is a royal pain.
All in all I am happy with my first attempt and I am checking out ideas for a second one.
I have to say thank you to Ashley(even though she will never see this) for her Make it and Love it blog!! She has amazing ideas on it and simple, easy to follow instruction with LOTs of pictures.


  1. I love that purse. that fabric is beautiful. Nice to see you creating. I love to sew also, but never get around to do it.

  2. WOW! nice job! you are talented! I wish I could sew something other than a scrapbook page :)