Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!!

Today we are all wearing our Earth Day colors, Green and brown and Gavin had some blue so that our water was not left out.

We have done a lot to celebrate today. Owen went to school with a garbage free lunch. While he was at school he spent a part of the day with his classmates cleaning up the school yard. The whole school has taken part in this throughout the week with the higher grades cleaning up parts of the community.

While Owen was a school, Gavin Kevin and I walked over to Mom and Dad’s for tea. On our walk over I pulled the wagon and Gavin and Kevin picked up garbage out of the ditches. Or at least the parts of the ditches that are not still full of water. We filled our wagon and got a little wet along the way. Though we were lucky and it didn't start to REALLY rain until we were at my parents drinking our warm tea and coffee.

After eating dinner tonight the boys each planted sunflower seeds. We bought these kits at Michael’s a few weeks ago. I know it is usually trees that are planted today but with renting trees are not something I feel comfortable planting in the yard.

Line everything up and get ready to begin.

Empty soil bag into pail and add some water to moisten the earth.

Dig hole in center and and bury 10 sunflower seeds.

Be proud of yourself for a job well done. Be happy that you just planted your first ever plant.
We had a fantastic Earth Day!

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