Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Day in the City

Thursday was a big success. We needed to be at Dr Grace's for Gavin's Post op appointment at 10:30 and she said he was healing well. His incision is still a bit red and weeping but she said we didn't need to go back again. Just to keep an eye on it and to make sure it stays clean. we are quite happy with that.

When we were done there we went to IKEA and met up with our friends and did a little shopping. Go figure, lol. We had gone in with the intention of buying the shelving unit for behind the TV but they didn't have the base in stock. That was disappointing. However, not all was lost because we DID finally get the boys a new dresser. Or at least the half of it. We still need to get the other half that is big doors instead of drawers with clothing rods on either side. The boys are happy because at least now they don't have to share drawers anymore. While switching the clothes over to the new dresser we realized just how FEW clothes Owen has right now. The little bum has been in a few month growth spurt. Even the shirts and PJ's he got for Christmas don't fit him any longer. The only items that DO still fit him are the pants. But he has short legs so they seem to last longer.

For Lunch we went to Frankie Tomatoes in Markham. Oh my, was it delicious. We all left wanting to undo the button of our pants from over eating, lol. The food was amazing with so much to choose from. Kevin had his fill of Calamari and salmon. I enjoyed the brachetta bread and Gavin, well, as usual he didn't eat a whole lot.

From there our 12 hour tour took us to NewMarket. We took the kids to ToysRUs. Gavin has agreed to get rid of some of his older toys and for every group of toys he gets rid of he get to buy a new one. This time he is got rid of his Diego train set and bought a Bakugan starter set. A big toy for a small toy, couldn't get much better then that.

Next stop, Micheal's for Becky and I and Petsmart for Chris, Kevin and the kids. I only came out of the store with a bottle of Glossy accents, something I have been searching for with not a lot of luck and 4 grow your own flowerpots from the clearance aisle. One for each of the boys(sunflowers) and one for each of there teachers for Easter(Snowpeas). I was impressed with my restaint.

Last stop before heading home was Chatpers. Kevin and Gavin each got a new spiderman comic and I got the latest book in the House Of Night series, Hunted. Again, impressed with my restraint. Though here there was help with that fact that it was getting later in the afternoon and we still had a 2 hour drive home.

All in all, a great day and we have plans to go back in a month in hopes of purchasing the shelving unit and possible the 2nd part to the boys dresser.

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