Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 2 Assignment

Our next assignment was to print out some daily promts, which I have done. And to make a couple lists. What we want to do and what we want to make over the holiday season. I have filled my lists out, mostly. It is obviously in no specific order and might change as the month goes on.
Christmas TO DO
1 Wrap 25 Christmas books to read every night at bedtime. When the books are all unwrapped it is Christmas!!
2 Have friends over for Dinner
3 Camp out one night under the Christmas tree

4 Go for an evening stroll in the falling snow.
5 go skating
6 Get a Christmas tree
7 Deliver cookies/fudge to neighbors
8 Mail Christmas cards
9 Decorate the tree
10 Read a Christmas story
11 Watch a Christmas movie, have popcorn and hot chocolate
12 Decorate the inside of the house
13 Finish decorating the outside of the house
14 Try a new recipe
15 Clear out corner to put tree in
16 Have friends over for a winter bonfire
17 take a trip to Lang Pioneer Village
18 wrap Christmas gifts
19 go tubing at the ski hill
20 have a night if watching Christmas specials
21 family Christmas with Kevin’s side
22 watch Jack Prins carry the Olympic torch through Lindsay
23 Have birthday party for Gavin
24 Go see
“A Christmas Carol” as a family
25 take boys to Christmas work party
29 Take tree down
30 mail thank you cards
31 put decorations in shed.

1 Make birdseed ornaments to hang outside
2 Go sledding
3 String cranberries and popcorn to hang on the tree.
4 Adopt a new tradition (wrapped)
5 Drive to Bowmanville to see the lights
6 Make cookies and fudge
7 Layouts to finish calendars
8 Make wreaths for the front door and 2 pillars
9 Make photo ornaments
10 Sew fabric gift bags
11 work on Christmas organizer
12 Make digital card to e-mail friends and family
13 write letters to Santa
14 Build a snow fort
15 Create my Holidays In Hand album
16 Make birdseed ornaments to hang outside
17 Build an ice rink (weather permitting)
18 Make thank-you cards
19 Make Rice Krsipie “gingerbread” House
20 finish sewing Christmas PJs
21 Make arrangements for beside the fireplace
22 Make Gavin a birthday cake
23 Make snowangels
24 Make stocking envelopes for Gift Cards
25 Make Jelly been trees for the boys school party treats


  1. Gosh Lori those are some lists! No wonder I don't get to see you on 2 peas much! But they are all wonderful things. Just don't get discouraged if some don't get done okay sweetie! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. WOW!! You are ahead of me... I still have not filled any of the prompts out! I better get to them.

  3. I LOVE the idea of wrapping 25 books to read every night! You are doing great, I need to get started on my list!