Sunday, December 28, 2014

Forever Changing

Wow, I look at my last post and it was from 2012! So much has changed since then. My oldest son is now taller than I. I have not scrapbooked in a couple years, I think due to moving and the new house being so Dark inside. I started learning to quilt last January and have really enjoyed sitting in front of my sewing machine again. I went from 1 sewing machine to 7 in a matter of a few months. I now have a treadle machine that I just have to figure out the timing on.

  We are trying to find a house to buy close to where we are living now. I am sick of paying someone ELSES mortgage, I want to be investing in our own future. Though finding a house is proving to be very difficult in our price range. We have put offers in on 3. Two we lost to other offers and one was not willing to budge on their price so we walked away.

I am going to try and record my progress in quilting  here. I have pictures to post but need to get them onto my new computer before I can upload them.
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah or Happy Holiday if you do not celebrate one those. I also wish for everyone to have a wonderful New Year full of fun and exciting adventures with those the love.

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