Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tyme for everything

Time for everything you wanted to do in a day, wouldn't that be nice.

I am not exactly computer savvy and I know I have a few friends out there laughing at me right now, BUT I am going to try this. It may take me a while to figure everything out, like adding a blog header. But I will figure it out.

Michelle, you had better be prepared to hear from me because this is your fault, lol. This all start with me trying to figure out the google reader you thought I should try out.

I think for my first post I will post a layout I did yesterday. these Tiki torches may not get used anymore but, we did use them quite a bit the first year we moved into this house. I loved sitting outside in the glow from flames. It was always so calming. We still sit outsie on the deck alot in the summer, we just don't have the torches anymore.

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  1. Well would you look at this!! Great job Lori!!