Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nothing too exciting

Well, as you can see from the length of time between my posts I have not had a whole lot going on lately. I haven’t even been scrapbooking. I KNOW! I just heard you gasp!!

On Sunday we took the boys to a Birthday party. It was a lot of fun. It was at the Peterborough Health and Wellness center. That place is awesome. We had an hour to play in a gym. There were different types of balls for the kids to play with, hula hoops and floor hockey stuff. Then we had an hour in the pool (my favorite part) then an hour in a private room to have cake, pizza and open gifts. I think I may be checking into that place for Gavin’s birthday next year.

On this Thursday coming we are heading back to North York for Gavin’s Post Op appointment. He had healed really well and I am looking forward to going to IKEA afterwards. I have my list all ready to go, lol. We are meeting up with Chris and Becky and going to lunch too. Not too sure where we are going to go but somewhere nicer then fast food that is for sure.

I think the funniest thing to happen so far this week is my Mom making the boys as ABBA cd and they LOVE it. As soon as Owen got home from school he asked me to turn it up. How could I say no? So needless to say we have it cranked lol. I think I am doing well at getting them to appreciate all types of music along with my Mom’s help. I just hope I can keep it going as they get older.


  1. I agree, you must love ABBA, not matter what your age! WHen DD and I went with some other gals to see the movie, it was ALL ages there.
    Have fun at the IKEA!