Monday, May 18, 2009

Emergency Shopping trip tomorrow

Can you see them, those long cracks in the side of the (yes dirty) tank? And that is our Kissing fish which is actually pink. We have had this tank for 4 years now and some how today these cracks developed. I can't blame the boys as they were playing outside all day. I can't take the blame I was packing up the bedroom today, and Kevin, well he was at work all day. I guess it is just old age.

We have been wanting to get a new tank for a while now, a bigger one. I guess this is going to happen sooner then later. I was hoping to get a new tank to put in the new house to surprise the boys but now we won't be waiting that long, lol.

I am hoping that along with the bigger tank we will get at least one brightly colored new fish to put in it. I would love to get an angel fish we'll have to see what Gavin picks out. Then of course we'll have to let Owen pick one out next Saturday. It's only fair.

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