Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We're Moving

Finally a decision has been made and we are moving. June 15th we get our new house. It is close to where we are now and closer to my family. Now the fun begins, or so they say.

Owen was excited about for about an hour then things went down hill FAST!! We then had about a half hour of nothing but crying. I think this next couple months are going to be a little emotional for him.

Gavin on the other hand is all for it. We could move tomorrow and he would be fine.

The new house is a little bigger then where we are now. It is still just 2 bedrooms but they are both larger. It has a small kitchen and a separate dining room. Brand new fridge, stove washer and dryer. I will have a small scrap space. And it has a HUGE yard. There is even a cute little shed that the boys will get as a playhouse. There are other kids the boy’s ages there to play with and we are walking distance to the lake. If we had a boat we would have a dock and the neighbors are great.

So it seems I will be busy packing, then Unpacking in the next few months so if you don’t hear from me for a while, you know I buried under the boxes somewhere, lol.


  1. Lori I'm thrilled you have made that decision and the place is so neat! I can just see pretty yellow flowers around and wow I would love to see it in person! Wish i could help you pack..I know how hard and what a pain it is! Loves to ya!!

  2. Glad all is clear now on your housing situation! That looks like a very cool house. I love all the woods surrounding it. So peaceful. :)