Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here is a LO I finished yesterday for a challenge that I posted on Scrap central. The february theme is to use up your stash (to make room for all the fun CHA stuff that is about to ne released) My challenge is to use Paint, buttons and ribbon. I was going to add a digital element to the list but not everyone digi/hybrid scraps and that isn't going to make roomfor anythingnew so I left it off the list.

This picture was taken on December16th when the Olympic torch was carried through Lindsay. Our school went to support one of the torch carriers, Jack Prinns (not in this picture).Jack has huge ties to our school,not only did he attend the school, but BOTH his parents are teacher there. I think I am safe in saying that we all felt our heart swell with pride to watch him carry the torch up onto the stage and light the caldron.

After the ceremonies on stage took place the relay runners were walking around getting pictures taken with fans. This is us, (unfortunately I do not know this wonderful mans namebut I am trying to find it) of course Gavin being his shy self wouldn't look at the camera for the picture. Thank you Heide for taking it.

It is now a couple months later and the boys are still talking about this day. Hopefully if we keep them talking, they will remember this feeling for the rest of thier lives. This wonderful, over powering, all incompassing feeling of PRIDE. TRUE CANADIAN PRIDE!

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  1. Gorgeous page, I love the painting technique!!!