Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making Mom Proud!!

That is what my boys have been doing today. It started with Owen getting a character award at school today for Fairness.

Owen was then retested at school for his reading level. In the past month he has gone from a level 4 or 5 to a level 12!! He has been working so hard with Mrs C. I can't thank her enough. Both the boys just adore her.

Then while at tutoring today, Mrs C and I took turns reading with both boys. We do this once in a while so I can see what she is doing and so that Owen will read to me. He won't at home. Gavin is about a level 11 which is where he is supposed to be, so we are not worried about him being behind like Owen, though Owen won't be behind much longer if he keeps working THIS hard.

So as you can see I have many reasons to be a Proud Momma today.

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