Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Pride

Well, it has now been a whole week since we watched the opening performance of the Olympic Games. The only time our TV has not been been on the CTV Olympic watch is when there was no one home. Even the boys have been watching it, though sometimes not of their choice. They have shown a great amount of pride in our wonderful country and out amazing Canadian athletes. Cheering and yelling at the TV to encourage our athletes as been done more then a few times,lol. It is a good thing we live in the country and not in an apartment in town.
One of the of the events we have watched regularly over the past few days is the speed skating. The boys are just amazed with this sport. This is what I saw this afternoon in my dining room. I took Gavin outside to get a couple pictures while we still had some sunshine.

Needed so ice to take the top picture but it was getting to late, maybe tomorrow.
If there is one thing I have noticed in these pictures, it's that Gavin is no longer my baby boy.

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  1. These are great pics, Lori - it's been some intense Olympic-watching at my house too. I was at choir rehearsal the other night and got 3 calls updating me on our medal status, and that oh-so-tense hockey game!